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Friday, December 31st, 2010
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Friday, December 31st, 2010

With the growth of internet, life has become fast paced. You can find any and everything over the internet. The best part is that this process of searching is less time consuming and more accurate. With the advancement of internet, online colleges have also made an appearance. There are a large number of colleges that you will find on the internet. But one important question is, are these colleges accredited? When going for online education it’s important to have an accredited college degree. If your college is not accredited then you are wasting your time and money both.

How do you find these accredited online college degrees programs? There are many programs available to choose from. You can have any major that you desire for,,but before falling for any online college make sure it’s an accredited program that you enrolling yourself in. The advantage for enrolling in online degree programs is the flexibility that you get. You can have a tailored schedule to suit your daily routine. You can stay at home and earn your degree through these programs. Finding the best accredited online college degrees program in your area is not a big deal. In just a few hours you can be set up and studying.

The reason for the success of these accredited online degree programs is that now-a-days people have no time to manage their college career goals. On the other hand they know that getting a diploma from high school isn’t always enough. If you want to earn more than an ordinary diploma holder than going to college is a must and the icing on the cake would be if you are enrolled in accredited online college degrees.

Earning accredited college degrees is an easy task for most of the students as they can take classes at any time they want without being worried about not being on time for class. A huge number of students have already earned the accredited online college degrees and the best part is that they are earning good. You can even enroll yourself in an accelerated program to finish within 2 years.

Those which are offering accredited online college degrees can easily be found over the internet with very minimal efforts. Make sure your choice is worth your time and money both. Don’t fall for any scams. Check the Higher Education Board websites to be confident about the accreditation of your selected college or university.

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Friday, December 31st, 2010

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Home Page > Careers > How CNA Training Classes Can Benefit You

How CNA Training Classes Can Benefit You

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Many people wish to take CNA training classes for several good reasons. For one, the demand for Certified Nursing Assistants continues to increase and to generate more jobs for fresh graduates. Moreover, nursing assistants also get the chance to earn high salaries while serving people who are in need of professional healthcare. They also feel motivated by the profitable career opportunities that CNA training presents.

If you wish to secure a high-paying job with a noble goal, being a nursing assistant is your best choice This job will not only keep you satisfied with the money you are earning. It can also make you feel confident that somehow, you are contributing a lot to the promotion of the people’s welfare.

CNA training classes are available for anyone who wishes to become a member of a medical team. Individuals who want to submit themselves to CNA training do not need to worry about huge expenses. Various hospitals, health institutions, and training centers are already offering training programs for aspiring nursing assistants.

Training programs usually vary from one state to another. In some states, nursing assistants only need to take a short two-week course without formal education. In some states, nursing assistants are required to attend two months of clinical and theory subjects. Any of these CNA training programs provide lessons for observing vital signs, developing communication skills, proper patient care documentation, and other important skills that a nursing assistant needs.

You do not need to spend too much on earning degrees in two-year or four-year courses because CNA training classes are short. Once you have finished the training program you prefer, you can already start with your career as a nursing assistant.

However, health institutions may also require you to take a competency test after your training. You may also need to pass a state test before you can become a certified nursing assistant. All of these exams will measure your aptitude in assisting patients with their daily activities.

After passing all the required aptitude tests, you can start looking for a job that will suit you best. You will have the choice to work in rehabilitation centers, private hospitals, and nursing homes. You may also pursue your career as a private nurse by working in residential homes. No matter what career you want to pursue, you can still swell with pride every time you allow your patients to live their lives with dignity.

With CNA training classes, you can finally turn your dreams of becoming a medical professional into reality.

There is much more to CNA training that could be covered in this article. To discover a lot more pay a visit to my free CNA training website right now!

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Alexis is a fiction writer, poet, lyricist, documentarian, and did I mention poet? I have written over 1,700 pieces of flash fiction, a genre that, as the novel and the symphony once did, is just waiting for its time to shine.

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  • Factors affecting health education?

  • I am a mid-career school teacher who REALLY wants out of education, but I don’t have the money right now to re-train. What can I do with 18 years teaching experience and a B/A in English?

  • How are educational and career goals different? How are they the same? Why is it essential to set educational and career goals?

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    Why You Should Never Look Down On CNA Training

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    How CNA Training Classes Can Benefit You

    What are the benefits of taking CNA classes? I list a few of the obvious and also less-known benefits in my article.

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    CNA Training Classes – Requirements to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

    If you’re looking to become a certified nursing assistant then this article is exactly for you. I list a few of the minimum skills and other requirements for you to become a licensed nursing assistant!

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    Important Aspects of CNA Training

    If you want to start CNA training then there are a few things that you should know first. I list most of these in this article!

    By: Alexis Hodnickil Careersl Dec 30, 2010

    The Function Of CNA Training In the Health Care Sector

    With the retirement bubble of baby boomers there is a huge demand for certified nursing assistants. Above average salary and helping people in need all day long are the two primary reasons why more and more people choose to become CNAs.

    By: Alexis Hodnickil Careersl Dec 30, 2010

    Why You Should Never Look Down On CNA Training

    CNA training programs were designed to turn aspiring nursing assistants into competent medical professionals. However the training is not easy and you’ll need a good set of skills to finish the classes…

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    Flash and Search Engine Optimization

    Currently, lots of websites employ flash animation products from the likes of Adobe.

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    Friday, December 31st, 2010
    Facebook Twitter Email
    Friday, December 31st, 2010

    Online degree programs are growing in demand since they started several years ago. Many students find distance learning to be convenient and a better option for continuing their education. Because of that, many traditional universities have begun to put their courses and even degree programs online to compete with this new wave of online universities.

    You can now get an online degree from Purdue University thanks to the advances in information technology. Purdue has recognized the demand that the online degree programs have created and responded accordingly. You can now complete online courses, certificate programs, and full online degree programs from Purdue University online.

    Distance Learning and Purdue

    Purdue is actively using distance learning to achieve success for their online programs. Distance learning allows the student to actively participate in the class without physically being on campus. Some courses do require you to physically meet during the course of a semester, so the program is not completely online. This is still more manageable for students working their way through school or professionals looking to continue their education.

    What an Online Classroom Is

    Online classrooms help make distance learning possible. Students can still participate in classroom discussions by utilizing message boards and uploaded course materials. Classroom participation is required for most courses since participation is required to fully understand the material being taught.

    Online courses are not to be underestimated. Purdue University online is still Purdue University. Be prepared to be challenged by this nationally recognized, high quality program. Dedicate as much time and resources to your online courses as you would your traditional courses. You will get as much out of the program as you are willing to put into it.

    Programs Offered

    Purdue University offers online courses, complete certificate programs, and complete degree programs. Online courses are typically general education courses or introductory courses. This is a popular option for many students. They find that being able to take online courses alongside their traditional courses allows for a more flexible work schedule. This allows for the student to work more, afford their education, and get experience in the field.

    You can also complete a full online degree in engineering, pharmacy, technology, veterinary services, and food and agricultural businesses. These degree programs are meant for professionals looking to continue their education in a quick, convenient, and efficient matter. Students enrolled in these programs are focused and dedicated. Be prepared to be challenged by the coursework in these programs.

    These degree programs range from associate degrees to masters degrees. Contact an advisor at Purdue to find out which program will best fit your needs.

    More online degree information is available through an advisor or by visiting Enrollment is now open, so contact an advisor or look into Purdue University Online Today!

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    Friday, December 31st, 2010

    “We are very enthusiastic about this special program,” said Dr. Michael Hamlin, Chair of TUW’s Department of Professional Psychology.

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    Thursday, December 30th, 2010

    There are many arguments about whether online college class programs make for successful students. The convenience of the schedule is one argument that is often used by proponents of the online college class. The flexibility of online classes makes it hard to not succeed in your class. You arent tempted to cut class because you dont have a set time to meet. If you dont feel like going to class one day you dont have to worry about it affecting your grade since you have all week to complete the work. Find out why an online college class schedule sets you up for success.


    Time is money. When you dont have to sacrifice your time for your degree you are immediately more successful (not to mention how much more affordable online degree programs are.) You complete your coursework when you have time, not by the time class starts.

    Online students find that not having a designated meeting time for their classes lets them complete their coursework thoroughly and better understand what they are learning. They have the opportunity to read the assigned materials in a way that allows them to reflect and reread. When they are rushed by trying to get the reading done before class, it is skimmed and often not applied to what they already know.

    Having a flexible schedule is also helpful when considering things that pop up in our everyday lives. How many times does your boss ask you to stay late? Sure you hate it, but you know it is putting you ahead in your career because youre a reliable employee. Or what about those last-minute dates, school plays, or even just days you feel like hitting the couch? When you have the option of doing your online classes another time, it makes you happier, harmonizes your life and learning, and thus makes you a more successful student.


    Many college students find that traditional class offerings conflict with their work schedule or fill up too fast. Both problems can keep a student from taking the class. When a class is offered online, neither problem affects the student. The student can find a way to incorporate the class into their already busy schedule. When the student has this option they are able to complete their program faster and get their degree sooner.

    Also, online classroom can hold more students. Since the classroom is virtual, it can accommodate more students than a traditional classroom. Again, the student isnt missing the opportunity to take the class when it is offered online and becomes more successful.

    The student is also more available when they take an online class. They are able to work more hours, switch shifts, and sometimes even take another job. The work you do while pursuing a degree is almost as important as the degree itself. You are able to apply what you are learning to your work and set yourself up for growth in your career.

    Overall, time is a major factor of the success of anything, so it only makes sense that it applies to an online college class schedule. Students are more successful when they can complete their coursework when they have the time.

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    Thursday, December 30th, 2010

    The Universtiy of Illinois is a top-ranking school, and now you can get an online degree from the prestigious university. The University of Illinois now offers over one hundred online degree programs to meet the growing demand for online education. Degrees vary from business to education and certificate programs to master’s degrees. Whichever degree program you are looking for, University of Illinois offers it.

    University of Illinois

    The University of Illinois ranked number 15 for a public university and 47 for a national university according to U.S. News and World Reports Americas Best Colleges . The University of Illinois is an easily recognizable name with three campuses located in Urbana-Champaign, Springfield, and Chicago. With a degree from University of Illinois, you may just get interviews from the name alone.

    The Requirements

    The requirements are different depending on what program you are trying to begin. For their certificate program, you will be required to submit your bachelors degree, transcripts, and any scores from standard testing, like the GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT. Also, you will be required to fulfill any pre-requisite coursework needed for the program.

    For their bachelors degree programs you will be required to submit prior course work from a community college or other university. Fifty-four hours of general education courses with a GPA of 3.0 or higher is required. Youll want to include a personal statement for your consideration for online degree programs.

    The requirements for the masters program at University of Illinois online are broader. Since there is such a variety of programs offered, the admission requirements vary greatly. Reach out to the director of the program for more information on the admission requirements.

    The Cost

    Online programs are universally more affordable than traditional programs. The tuition for the University of Illinois online is considerably less that their traditional tuition. The tuitions varies for the online degree programs, but some programs dont even charge an out-of-state fee. The other costs associated with a college education are also much less when the program is completed online. The materials are typically made available online so you save money on books, notebooks, pens, and other class materials. You also avoid a commute and save money on gas and vehicle maintenance.

    One thing that is more costly about online degree programs is the technology. You want to be sure you have a working computer so you can complete the work for your degree courses. Youll also want to make sure you have a reliable, high-speed Internet connection. Nothing is worse than procrastinating with your virtual classroom participation and not being able to access the site.

    You will also want to invest in a flash drive. This goes for any student in todays technologically driven society. When you are working between computers it is nice to be able to access all your coursework from one simple point. Four-gig flash drives are available on for less than $10 and work wonderfully.

    The University of Illinois online program carries the great name of U of I with the convenience of other online degree programs. If this seems like the right fit for you, request more information from the university at

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    Thursday, December 30th, 2010

    There are college degrees online to help you fulfill your goals of becoming an ultrasound technician. From basic certification to online bachelors degrees, you can find the right program for you to get you in the field. There are different motivations to go into the field based on how youll use this degree.

    The most common reason people want to be an ultrasound technician is to help couples see their unborn child for the first time. Nothing is more excited than being able to tell them that theyre having a little boy or girl, but there are more things you can do as an ultrasound technician. As an ultrasound technician you use your medical equipment to get a diagnostic image of the patients internal organs. From this, physicians are able to determine if the patient has any tumors, blockages, or abnormalities. From quality images physicians are able to put patients on the proper regime for a healthier life.

    The salary isnt bad either. The average salary for a technician is $60,000, with an average starting salary of $40,000. Your salary will grow as you become more experienced.

    What Degree Do You Need?

    To start a career as an ultrasound technician you can either have a certificate, associate degree, or bachelors degree. Your pay may be reflective of your degree, but any one degree will get you started. Most college degrees online can get you started with what you need to begin your career.

    Basic Certification

    With a certification program in ultrasound technology you learn the basic information that’s necessary to perform the job. Youll learn how to operate the equipment properly to keep you and the patient safe. Youll learn basic anatomy to know how to perform the ultrasound on the right organs. Youll also learn to understand what you are looking for. For example, when you perform an ultrasound for an expectant mother, you will need to take many measurements of the fetus to ensure the baby is healthy. A basic certification will prepare you for a job as an ultrasound technician.

    A basic certification can be obtained through an online program, traditional program, or a hospital. Certification can take up to two years of full-time attendance. Online studies can be pretty intense, so make sure you have the discipline to complete the program.

    Associate Degree

    An associate degree covers everything your basic certification would and then some. The associate degree incorporates more health care information so your degree can do more for you if you decide to branch out. An associate degree will take two to three years to complete and can be completed online or in a traditional classroom setting.

    Bachelors Degree

    A bachelors degree is a four-year degree what would need to be completed through an accredited university. With the growing demand for online education, many well-known schools are offering accelerated bachelor programs online. An online nursing degree will aid your pursuit of becoming an ultrasound technician, as well as most other careers in the health care field.

    All programs can be completed through online studies. Do your research to find an accredited online nursing degree to begin your career!

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    Thursday, December 30th, 2010

    As a humanities professor at SanJose State University from 1961 to 1973, John Sperling pioneeredremedial reading classes for Mexican Americans and courses insocial problems for police officers.

    Defying the education establishment, he expanded suchprograms into the for-profit University of Phoenix, now largelyonline and the biggest U.S. university, with almost 500,000students. Sperling and his proteges transformed a backwater ofmom-and-pop trade schools into a $30 billion industry attracting Washington Post Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. as investors.For-profit colleges enroll 12 percent of U.S. undergraduates andconsume 24 percent of U.S. Pell grants for low-income students.

    Now those colleges, after flourishing under loosenedregulations during George W. Bush s presidency, are under attackfrom President Barack Obama s administration, which wants totighten the rules. Stock prices for the parent companies of for-profit colleges have plunged.

    The colleges use deceptive practices to lure homelesspeople, veterans and individuals who arent prepared for collegeinto unsuitable courses in order to obtain tuition funded bygrants and also by federal loans that students have troublerepaying, according to advocates for the homeless, veteransgroups and current and former students. Almost 90 percent ofPhoenixs students use federal grants or loans to pay tuition.

    Defending Apollo

    The 89-year-old Sperling, whose fortune peaked at $1.9billion in 2005, and who had until recently been tending to non-educational interests ranging from cloning to longevity, hasplunged back into the fight to defend his creation. As the valueof his Apollo common stock plummeted by about $300 million thisyear, he traveled at least twice to Washington, drawing on hishistory of donations to Democrats to see Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other legislative leaders.

    In one meeting with Congressional staff members, Sperling,leaning on a cane, railed against the Obama administration,saying it was manipulated by investors betting against higher-education stocks, according to an aide who attended. This personrequested anonymity because the meeting was private.

    Anticipating that Apollos growth would decelerate,investors stepped up short sales of Apollo stock early in 2008,to a level that was almost reached again in 2009 as the Obamaadministration embarked on tighter regulation, Trace Urdan , aSignal Hill analyst, said in an e-mail.

    Apollo peaked at $97.93 in Nasdaq Stock Market compositetrading in June 2004 as the company reaped more federalfinancial aid from the Bush administrations easing ofrestrictions on the industrys growth.

    Share Decline

    The shares traded as high as $89.22 in January 2009, daysbefore Obamas inauguration. Apollo has since declined 56percent , compared with a 48 percent rise in the Standard &Poors 500 index, because of Obama administration proposals tolimit recruiting and access to federal financial aid –linchpins of the companys strategy in the past decade.

    In September, Sperling sent every member of Congress a 74-page PowerPoint presentation making the case that, while four-year public and private nonprofit colleges cost taxpayers $9,709and $6,379 a student respectively, for-profit colleges pay taxesand save the government money.

    He personally made almost $100,000 in campaign donationsfor the 2010 elections, while Apollo Groups political-actioncommittee gave $92,100 to federal candidates, including $15,000to George Miller , the outgoing chair of the House educationcommittee, and $14,000 to John Boehner , the incoming Housespeaker. Starting with the 2002 campaign, Apollo Groups PAC hasgiven Boehner $36,600, more than any other member of Congress.

    Legacy at Stake

    This is his legacy at stake, Suzanne Helburn, aneconomist who is a longtime friend of Sperling, said in atelephone interview. The thought of it being dismantled bysome arbitrary government policy infuriates him.

    Sperlings defense of his industry is based largely on theargument that for-profit colleges expand poor peoplesopportunities to get degrees and jobs.

    The administrations onerous initiatives would makeit impossible for the sector to offer many programs thatprepare students to be teachers, nurses and police officers, andwould have a devastating impact on institutions that enrolllow-income students, Sperling wrote members of Congress onSept. 1. It would seem wiser to restore the status quo ante.

    Sperling himself says this lobbying has galvanizedopposition to the proposed regulations and set the stage for abattle in the next Congress between the Obama administration andascendant Republicans.

    Our hard work is paying off, Sperling said in an e-mailrelayed through Helburn.

    Political Influence

    John Sperling carries more political influence than Ithink a lot of people realize, said Raul Grijalva , an ArizonaDemocrat and member of the House education committee. When hecomes to Congress, people listen. His word carries a lot ofweight, and its been that way for a long time.

    Sperling sought to sway Grijalva in a meeting on CapitolHill around the beginning of September.

    His pitch to me was that, by overregulating for-profitcolleges, we are constricting the access of people of color tohigher education, Grijalva, who has received campaigndonations from Sperling, said in a telephone interview.

    My response is, to have someone saddled with a debt theycant pay back, and they dont finish school, and put theirfinancial lives in jeopardy, thats a double-edged sword. Thecommunity colleges are there, thats accessible andinexpensive.

    Union Organizer

    An unlikely mogul, Sperling is a mix of pragmatist andpopulist, entrepreneur and social reformer, whose corporateinterests dont mesh neatly with his political views. Hes aformer union organizer who runs a nonunion university, and aself-described ex-socialist whose company became a Wall Streetdarling. While he coauthored a book calling for an end tocorporate welfare, his for-profit university depends on federalaid for 88 percent of its revenue.

    A Democrat who has given almost $300,000 since 1994 to thepartys senatorial and congressional campaign committees, heowns a publishing house that attacks Republican politicians, andhe supports the repeal of laws that criminalize marijuana. Hisrestless brain generates a stream of unorthodox ideas, some ofwhich fizzled, such as cultivating crops in salt water.

    Sperling, who turns 90 next month, works out daily andkeeps tabs on Apollo from his home office, former University ofPhoenix president Jorge Klor de Alva said in a telephoneinterview. Sperling takes 30 pills a day, following a regimenset by a now-defunct longevity clinic that he established. Afterstepping down as chief executive officer in 2001 and chairman in2004, Sperling returned as Apollos acting executive chairman in2006 and now is executive chairman. He and his son control 100percent of the voting stock.

    Customer First

    Sperling was an early champion of online classes, shortenedcourses, electronic textbooks and marketing to adults –innovations that traditional universities now are embracing.

    Sperling was probably the first university president todevelop a model that was predicated on customer first, RichardChait, a professor of higher education at Harvard University inCambridge, Massachusetts, said in an interview.

    Armed with his blueprint, former Apollo and Phoenixexecutives converted religious schools into for-profit collegessuch as Bridgepoint Education Inc. s Clinton, Iowa-based AshfordUniversity and Grand Canyon Education Inc. s Phoenix-based GrandCanyon University. Under Sally Stroup , a former Phoenix lobbyistwho headed federal higher-education policy, the Bushadministration eased controls over for-profit colleges, spurringthe past decades expansion.

    Choosing Growth

    At critical junctures, John chose growth over academicintegrity, which ultimately diminished a powerful educationalmodel, Robert W. Tucker, a former Phoenix senior vicepresident and coauthor with Sperling of For-Profit HigherEducation: Developing a World-Class Adult Workforce(Transaction Publishers, 1999), said in a telephone interview.

    Sperlings industry has grown through misleading salespitches from recruiters who are paid on the basis of how manypeople they sign up, according to Senate education committeereports and testimony and an Aug. 4 Government AccountabilityOffice report.

    For-profit colleges in 2008 graduated just 22 percent oftheir first-time, fulltime students seeking bachelors degrees,compared with 55 percent at public institutions and 65 percentat nonprofit private universities, according to the Washington-based National Center for Education Statistics. Only 36 percentof their students repay the loans, compared with at least 54percent at traditional colleges, according to an analysis ofgovernment data by the Institute for College Access & Success, anonprofit group in Oakland, California.

    Stock Transactions

    Alarmed by such disparities, the Education Department wantsto cut off aid to for-profit colleges if their graduates dontearn enough to pay off student loans.

    Sperling and his son, Apollo Vice Chairman Peter Sperling ,have collected almost $840 million in stock sales since 2003.The company disclosed in October that the Securities andExchange Commission is looking at the companys insider-tradingpolicies.

    Apollo gained $1.11, or 2.9 percent, to $39.49 at 4 p.m. inNew York. An index of 13 publicly traded for-profit educationstocks has declined 25 percent this year.

    For his part, Sperling, who declined to be interviewed andanswered questions through Helburn, says Phoenix is investinghundreds of millions of dollars to improve graduation ratesamong low-income students.

    New Legacy

    If Phoenix succeeds, it will have a new legacy of solvinga problem no one else has solved, significantly increasing theeducation level of the U.S. workforce, making it possible for asignificantly larger percent of people to achieve post-secondarydegrees, Sperling said in an e-mail from Helburn.

    Sperling divides his time between a Phoenix mansion withAndy Warhol paintings lining its entryway, and an Italianatehome in San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Hekeeps a 10-year-old Jaguar automobile at each place, Klor deAlva said in a telephone interview.

    Twice divorced, Sperling has had an on-and-off relationshipfor 45 years with Joan Hawthorne, a memoirist who uses the penname Candida Lawrence . He enjoys plays and operas, and recitingEmily Dickinsons poetry. He dresses in khaki pants, afishermans hat, and the kind of shirts you dont have toiron, Klor de Alva said.

    Birthday Revelry

    Sperling was celebrating a personal milestone when he setthe for-profit college industry on its track to accelerategrowth. At his 80th birthday party, in 2001, a comic opera wasperformed to praise his accomplishments, and 125 guests weregiven mock money with his face on it. Amid the revelry, heproclaimed a new goal: increasing Phoenixs enrollment fivefoldto 500,000.

    It was intended as an inspirational message rather thana formal plan, Sara Jones, an Apollo spokeswoman, who has sinceleft the company, said in a 2009 e-mail.

    Sperling faced an obstacle: The universitys market was toosmall to fulfill his vision. Nor could it satisfy what he calledthe unrelenting pressure to grow from Wall Street afterApollo went public in 1994.

    Since Sperling founded the university in 1976, it hadcatered to middle managers whose employers paid for them tofinish their degrees. Students had to be at least 23 years oldand have two years of work experience as well as prior collegecredits. After his 2001 party, Phoenix discarded theserequirements.

    New Sectors

    It couldnt grow any faster in the sector it was in,said Tucker, CEO of InterEd Inc. , a higher-education consultingcompany in McCall, Idaho. The only solution was to identifynew sectors.

    Sperling did just that. Reflecting his commitment to expandcollege access for disadvantaged students, he conceived of atwo-year program for high-school graduates from low-income andnon-English-speaking families, who would take classes at inner-city campuses along with an online component, he said in an e-mail from Helburn.

    Enrollment was projected to grow to about 15,000 in 10years, said Lawrence M. Gudis , a former Apollo Group senior vicepresident who helped design the program, known as Axia College.

    John talked very passionately about having classes inmalls in very, very poor neighborhoods in Los Angeles andPhoenix, where students wouldnt normally have access to highereducation, and about recruiting faculty fluent in Spanish,Vietnamese and Cambodian, Gudis said in a telephone interview.

    Online Unit

    Plans changed when Apollo shares, after peaking in June2004, slumped in the next two months. Apollo at the time wasrepurchasing Phoenixs online unit, which had a separatetracking stock, and investors worried that the company wasmasking weakness in its ground-campus business, Signal HillsUrdan said. Todd Nelson , Apollo CEO from 2001 to 2006, thenconverted Axia into an online program in hope of boostingenrollment and revenue, said Gudis, now a consultant to for-profit colleges.

    Axias student body soared to more than 200,000, increasingPhoenixs enrollment to 470,800 students , more than the total atall for-profit colleges in 2000. While Phoenix has campuses in39 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, most ofits students attend online.

    Dropout Rate

    Axia also boosted Phoenixs dropout rate. The newcomers hadclearly different educational needs that werent suited toPhoenix courses, which were designed to draw on studentsacademic and work experience, Tucker said.

    In 1998, 65 percent of Phoenixs 53,200 students attaineddegrees, Klor de Alva said. By contrast, two-thirds of theassociates degree students and half of the bachelors degreecandidates who entered Phoenix from July 2008 to June 2009withdrew by August 2010, according to a Senate educationcommittee report. The median length of enrollment at Phoenix isabout four months.

    I certainly would never recommend them to a young studentover a community college, David Breneman, a professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and former dean of itsschool of education, who has studied the University of Phoenix,said in an e-mail. For older adults with jobs, I think theyprovide a valuable option. For younger students without priorcollege experience or a job, I think they provide little valueadded.

    Nelson declined to comment. Axias conversion to an onlineprogram was driven by student demand, said Mark Brenner, anApollo spokesman.

    Biggest Funder

    Because most of its students were low-income and qualifiedfor federal grants and loans, Axia fostered Phoenixs dependenceon its biggest source of funds, the Education Department.Phoenix derived 88 percent of its revenue from federal studentaid in the year ended Aug. 31, up from 48 percent in fiscal2001.

    Reliance on federal funds is a bad business model, IowaSenator Tom Harkin , the chairman of the Senate educationcommittee, said in a telephone interview. You get the maximumreturn by recruiting the lowest-income students, and getting ridof them as soon as possible.

    Fanning Out

    Ive been accused of being against private enterprise,Harkin said. This is not private enterprise. Ninety percent oftheir money is coming from the taxpayer.

    Phoenix executives trained under Sperling fanned out acrossthe country, implementing Axia-like online programs fortaxpayer-funded low-income students.

    Founded in 2004 by a former Phoenix vice president named Andrew S. Clark , Bridgepoint Education Inc. had 77,179 studentson Sept. 30, up from 1,063 at the end of 2005. Almost all tookclasses exclusively online. Bridgepoint, based in San Diego, had$521 million in revenue in the first nine months of this year,up 62 percent from the comparable period a year earlier,according to the companys filings. Its flagship AshfordUniversity derived 86 percent of revenue from federal aid in2009.

    Former Apollo Group president Brian Mueller is CEO ofPhoenix-based Grand Canyon Education Inc. , which had 42,300students on Sept. 30, of whom 91 percent were enrolled online.Grand Canyon had 8,422 students at the end of 2005.

    Goldman Stake

    Todd Nelson, the former CEO for Apollo, now holds the sametitle at Pittsburgh-based Education Management Corp. , the No. 2higher-education company by enrollment, with 158,300 students inOctober. New York-based Goldman Sachs, Wall Streets mostprofitable bank, owns a 39 percent stake in the company.

    The sector also attracted Washington Post Co. Once knownprimarily for preparing high-school students for the SATcollege-entrance examination, the companys Kaplan unit derived63 percent of its revenue in the quarter ended Oct. 3 from itshigher-education division. Kaplan has 112,000 students, of whomabout 70,000 attend online.

    Jack Welch , former chairman and CEO of Fairfield,Connecticut-based General Electric Co., is an investor in Chancellor University in Cleveland, which named its onlinemasters degree program in business administration after him.

    Sperling and his industry got a boost from the election in2000 of George W. Bush, who in 2002 named the former Apollolobbyist Stroup to oversee higher education.

    Recruitment Curb

    Congress had passed a law in 1992 that cracked down ontrade schools in such fields as hairdressing and truck driving,which garnered federal aid by siphoning off students fromwelfare and unemployment lines.

    The law banned colleges from paying recruiters on the basisof how many students were enrolled and capped the percentage ofrevenue that the institutions could receive from the government.

    To deter fraud by correspondence schools, for-profitcolleges that provided more than 50 percent of their courses orenrolled more than 50 percent of their students for distanceeducation — meaning that professors and their students are indifferent locations — were prohibited from receiving federalaid.

    The Bush administration diluted these restrictions,starting with the incentive-compensation ban. In 2002, officialsput into place 12 exemptions, or safe harbors, allowing for-profit colleges to pay recruiters on the basis of enrollment aslong as it wasnt the sole criterion. The government alsoreduced the penalty for colleges violations of the incentive-compensation law to fines, from suspension or loss ofeligibility for student aid, according to an Oct. 20, 2002, memoissued by William Hansen , then deputy secretary of education.

    Lobbying for Apollo

    Hansen, who left the administration in 2003, then lobbiedfor Apollo from 2006 to 2009, according to the Center forResponsive Politics, a Washington research group. Now presidentof Eagan, Minnesota-based Scantron Corp. , a collector ofstudent-performance data, Hansen declined to comment, as didStroup, senior vice president at Scantron.

    Apollos use of Hansen as a lobbyist was unrelated to hislowering of penalties for recruitment violations, said Brenner,the company spokesman.

    Led by John Boehner , then chairman of the House educationcommittee, Congressional Republicans scrapped the 50 percentlimit for online courses in 2006.

    We are dealing with antiquated regulations that may havebeen well-intentioned when put in place but today are simply aburden, Boehner said at a 2004 hearing on the issue.

    Underdog Sympathizer

    Sperlings childhood ingrained sympathy for the underdog.He grew up in rural Missouri, the sickly child of a drifter whobeat him often. His fathers death, when Sperling was 15, wasthe happiest day of my life, he wrote in Rebel With aCause (John Wiley & Sons, 2000), his autobiography. It stillis.

    After graduating from high school, Sperling joined themerchant marine, where he read widely in his spare time. Heearned a bachelors degree from Reed College in Portland,Oregon, followed by graduate study at the University ofCalifornia at Berkeley. There he met Virginia Sperling, hissecond wife.

    We were beatniks and we loved it, Virginia Sperling,84, said in a telephone interview. We lived in a co-op. Wewere all sort of outcasts.

    Sperling earned a doctorate in economic history fromCambridge University in Cambridge, England. He now fundsscholarships for Reed graduates to study at Cambridge, accordingto Reeds website. Reed and Cambridge will receive donationsthrough Sperlings will, Helburn said. He has great affectionfor his alma maters, she said.

    So Driven

    Raising a family held little appeal for her ex-husband,said Virginia Sperling, a dancer and art dealer, who is PeterSperlings mother.

    He was so driven, she said. He always felt that afamily would be a distraction. His theory is, you cant be agenius and have a family.

    Nor did the academic career on which he embarked afterCambridge fulfill him.

    When we were at a party, he would often grab me by thearm and say, My boy, theres not a group on the face of theearth more boring than the professoriat, said Tucker, theformer Phoenix executive.

    Sperling led a faculty strike at San Jose State University in San Jose, California, in 1968, and the actions failure costhim the presidency of a union at California public universities.The following year, he and his students celebrated Earth Daywith a protest against air pollution. They bought a new FordMaverick automobile and buried it in a grave they dug on campus.

    Actively Engaged

    John was unlike any other professor, said John Murphy,who was a San Jose State student and later worked as a Phoenixexecutive from 1977 to 1997. He was actively engaged inbringing the university to the community. He didnt mind gettinghis hands dirty.

    Training that Sperling ran for police officers and teachersabout juvenile delinquency proved so popular that he turned itinto the Institute for Professional Development, which offeredadult education under a contract with the University of SanFrancisco .

    Sperling made the institute a for-profit corporationbecause, after his ouster from the union presidency, he wasquite wary of creating another nonprofit organization someboard could yank away from me, he wrote.

    Arizona Bound

    The Western Association of Schools & Colleges , theaccrediting body for California, complained that San Franciscosfaculty hadnt been consulted about the program. Faced with thethreat of losing accreditation, the university cut ties with theinstitute in 1977. Sperling decamped to Arizona, with differentaccreditors, and established his own university.

    There, Sperling barely staved off legislation givingcontrol of private higher education to the states publicuniversities.

    Phoenixs quest for acceptance was was one nasty, brutal,bare-knuckled fight, said Murphy, 64, a screenwriter andproducer who is writing a history of the University of Phoenixduring his time there. Everything we did drove traditionaleducation into absolute apoplexy. We didnt know on Friday ifwed be open for business on Monday.

    At the urging of Phoenixs vice president for productdevelopment, Sperling started an online campus in 1989 and stuckwith it through unprofitable years.

    He persisted when virtually all of the institution wasopposed to the idea, Tucker said.

    Ballot Measures

    Once his gamble on for-profit higher education paid off,Sperling bet much of his newfound wealth on other interests. Heinvested more than $10 million on 20 state-ballot questions from1996 to 2008, seeking to treat rather than incarcerate marijuanaoffenders and legalize the substance for medical purposes, saidEthan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance in New York, who worked with Sperling on the proposals. Fifteenof the measures passed.

    Sperling had less luck achieving a second greenrevolution that he envisioned for deserts in poor countries.In 2001, after a disagreement with the government of Eritrea, hepulled out of a joint venture to raise shrimp in Red Sea waterand use the runoff to grow a crop tolerant of salt water, Eric Rey , a consultant on the project, said in a telephone interview.Sperling now is majority owner of Arcadia Biosciences Inc. , aDavis, California-based developer of technologies to reducegreenhouse-gas emissions, said Rey, the companys CEO.

    Anti-Aging Clinic

    Sperling also shuttered an anti-aging clinic that he hadopened in Phoenix and hoped would beget a for-profit growthindustry. The Kronos center, which sought to slow degenerationassociated with old age, charged patients thousands of dollarsfor comprehensive assessments that insurance rarely covered.

    The Apollo founder owns Polipoint Press, a Sausalito,California-based publisher that put out books this yearadvocating a public option for health-insurance buyers andlikening the Republican right to the Taliban. The press alsopublished The Great Divide: Retro vs. Metro America, a 2004manifesto — coauthored by Sperling — advising the Democrats toreduce defense spending and end corporate welfare.

    Im one of the few surviving liberal economists, and hesmore liberal than I am, Carl Hunt, one of Sperlingscoauthors, said in a telephone interview.

    Reluctant to lose his beloved dog, Missy, Sperling fundedpet-cloning research by Texas A&M University in College Station,Texas, and now-defunct Genetic Savings & Clone Inc. While GS&Cssuccessor, BioArts International in Mill Valley, California,succeeded in cloning the late Missy in 2007, it stoppedreplicating dogs in 2009 because of black-market competitionfrom South Korea and unpredictable results, such as a clone borngreenish-yellow instead of the expected white, according to thecompanys website.

    Not as Lovable

    The duplicate Missy lacks its predecessors personality,Sperlings ex-wife said.

    The dog he paid millions to clone, he takes her to thepark at the Presidio, she seems like a disappointment,Virginia Sperling said. Shes not as lovable as theoriginal.

    As pressure from Washington on for-profit colleges mounts,Sperling has cut back other enterprises to fight for his mainbusiness.

    A disproportionate amount of his time in the last 9-12months has really been back on Apollo, said Josh Rosen,president and chief financial officer of Southwest SolarTechnologies Inc. , a Phoenix-based startup in which Sperling,its chairman and sole funder, invested $40 million. As thepolitical environment has gotten more challenging, that hastaken up more of his bandwidth.

    Hes not the least retired, Joan Hawthorne wrote underher Candida Lawrence pseudonym in Vanishing (UnbridledBooks, 2009). Hell run his company until he drops.

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