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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Degree programs that are offered in high-need career fields like science, mathematics, teaching, or the medical industry are all being explored by a variety of men and women who may range from traditional students who are entering college after high school to nontraditional students who may be returning to school after a lengthy absence or may be beginning college for the first time due to factors like unemployment, the desire to change their career fields, or simply as a way to gain further education so that they can go further in their current career. Yet, online universities have been competing with traditional universities to attract students as various colleges are looking to establish themselves in the online classroom arena so that, for students across the nation, potential enrollment it is possible.

Online universities are usually more convenient for certain students due to the fact that they will allow them to set their own schedule, and this can be beneficial for men and women who may have a job, family, or as a result of other circumstances like obligations or location will be unable to attend a traditional university. Understandably though, there have been questions raised as to whether an online university can provide a quality education that is comparable to the learning experience that is available at a traditional university. It needs to be understood that not all major universities are accredited, reputable, or even the best route for certain degree programs, but there are those who feel that an online learning experience is simply lacking in terms of pursuing specific careers, particularly in high-need fields.

Concerning these specific degree programs, this is where the student must look at what an online university offers, the requirements and course work that a high-need degree program will entail at either an online university or traditional college, and then make sure that they are only researching universities where these particular programs are well-established before making their choice. There are some wonderful online educational institutions that are in such a position where they can provide a phenomenal education to their students, but as with traditional colleges, some may have more specialized areas of study where a student may be able to excel at a particular degree program.

When it comes to online college degree programs in general, there are major universities who are offering degrees of such as an MBA online, so the ability to gain a quality education from an online university or Internet degree program is not necessarily the question, as online classrooms can offer advantages, like a variety of opinions from students across the country or even world, as well as, the ability to learn from a professor that may be at a top-ranked institution despite the fact that a student might not be enrolled at that school.

What students must focus on is whether an online environment will be the best for their chosen career field, as high-need areas like mathematics or science may require for some a more hands-on learning experience that could only be available at a traditional university. Yet, when it comes to certain career paths, some major universities may not offer the best option, particularly when a student’s personal life is factored into the equation, as there are some men and women who may have pursued an online master’s degree in education or mathematics, and as a result may have not been in a position where it was necessarily more helpful to attend a traditional classroom setting for these courses.

In the end, certain majors or degree programs will obviously offer a better learning experience at either a type of university, or at a specific college, and this is where students must look at what they plan to study to determine if a traditional school will be best or if online classes would provide them with the learning experience they desire and need. Yet, once this decision has been made, there are a variety of traditional and online universities that, while they may be well established, will not necessarily be the best fit for a student’s academic goals and, at this point, it comes down to a potential student looking at what a university has to offer within their chosen field of study to see which route will lead them down the most prosperous road to their degree.

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