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Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Have you ever considered an education in college, but you don’t wish to spend your precious time in a classroom environment? Maybe you do not have enough time to travel to your college each day and spend many hours in the class? Actually, an online university degree can be a choice for you.

Also, a university degree online is considered a wonderful opportunity in case you are a very busy person or you prefer doing most of your work alone. Since there is no necessity to attend a traditional school, getting an online college degree is convenient as well as a great option for anyone, particularly a busy person. Also, having a job or family keeping you busy is no more an excuse for lacking a college degree!

While looking for a college to get the online college degree, it’s a great idea to do much of research. You should seek for the info you can locate on each college that you might be concerned in taking the program through. When deciding what college you want to enroll in, the most significant things to do is making sure that it’s accredited.

When you choose what program you’re concerned in taking, you should talk to your professors who will teach the program courses. Also, you need to know how interactive these courses are, as well as what is needed for the coursework. You may wish to speak with the students that have taken these courses and get a student’s view on the program.

Since the enrollment in courses online continues to grow, there are many different degrees on the Internet that you are able to complete early without going to a traditional college or university. Nearly anything you could wish to do, you are capable to get a degree on the Web. But bear in mind to research the accessible opportunities and have fun while you choose what you will do!

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Sunday, August 7th, 2011

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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

You may be one of those bright students who enrolled for an online college degree and graduated with flying colors and also within a short span of time. Many online college degree courses are available to people on fast track mode. If you are armed with your degree certificate and are ready to apply for jobs in various industries, wait a minute. First of all find out if your online college degree is recognized. Industries accept online college degree certificates only from certain reputed universities. If you have not done your homework before enrolling for your online college degree, you would need to do it now.

First thing to do is to go to the website of the institution that offered you online college degree and check out all details with regard to the management, availability of faculty, facilities, infrastructure, location etc. Most often universities and colleges provide a virtual tour of the campus in their website for all visitors.

Secondly check out if the university has the required accredit ions. It is not enough to read that the institution has the accredit ion, but you need to find out detail of the body with which they are registered and if the accredit ion stands valid from a registered legal authority.

Internet being a virtual world has been used by many people to falsify records and information and offer online college degree, which are not valid. Many unscrupulous individuals are known to be operating from their homes, posing to be the officials of well-known universities and invite you to join their online college degree. They even print out degree certificates and send it to you on receiving online payment without requiring you to put in the required efforts to study and pass examination or submit assignments. Such websites project very nice pictures of fabricated facilities and multimedia presentations showing non-existent faculty. Only when you submit your degree certificate to your employers and find that the HR has turned down your case, do you realize that you have been duped.

Therefore checking out as much details about your short listed online college degree is important to avoid any mistakes.

In fact now a days most of the well known universities offer online college degree programs. You can choose one such program from a known university or a college that you attended earlier on. Otherwise you can use the industry rankings available on the Internet to look at the top universities. The rankings are published by independent experts from the industry and they would have evaluated all institutions based on pre fixed parameters and performance benchmarks. This is one good way of short-listing your online college degree program.

After having short listed the institution, you may verify their past performance record to see the number of students who have passed out each year successfully and their performance levels. Of course one can also speak to the alumni to find out more about the institution and the support students receive from the faculty etc.

Well now you would have understood that it is better to do your homework before in hand while choosing your online college degree program than to regret later.

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By: Elijah James

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Monday, August 1st, 2011

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Posted at: 07/20/2011 6:21 PM

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SCHENECTADY – Police Chief Mark Chaires admitted Wednesday that mistakes were made when hiring recruit John Laviano.

“This is just something that fell through the cracks,” Chaires told NewsChannel 13.

Laviano, a 22-year-old decorated Army veteran who has seen combat in Afghanistan, was sworn in Monday with four other recruits. But when questions were raised about his online college degree from Ashwoord University, Laviano was fired two days later.

“I think what happened is just that this university is somebody that carries it to an unethical and dishonest and illegal extremes,” said Chaires, suggesting that the university is a diploma mill.

The website for Ashwood University advertises the chance to get accredited life experience for your online degree, and that for $725, a student can even earn a degree in 15 days.

“Just because they say they’re accredited, doesn’t mean they are officially accredited,” said William Stewart, a vice president with Excelsior College, a distance learning institution based in the Capital Region. He said students should do their homework before getting an online degree to make sure its programs and the accrediting body are officially recognized.

“Most employers will say you need a degree from an accredited institution so if it’s not, you may run into a situation like this gentleman did,” Stewart said.

“John Laviano is a really good kid he didn’t try to misrepresent anything it was a honest mistake, its not police corruption,” Chaires said.

The Police Chief said the former recruit showed a lot of promise, and that if he someday gets a legitimate degree, the department will consider hiring him again.

NewsChannel 13 was not able to reach Laviano for comment Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Schenectady County said because of the degree problem, Laviano should also not have been allowed to take the Civil Service exam, and they are looking at the process to see what happened.

You can check out your university at these links:

U.S. Department of Education:

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

When you hear the word paralegal, legal assistants should be the first thing to your mind. The paralegals work under the assistance of the attorneys to earn their living. Law is always considered as one of the highest paid profession. But the million dollar question is, are the paralegal online degree programs worth your money? The stat shows that a legal assistant earn around $46K/year while the initial salary is $28K.

With the progress of the online degree programs in almost every field, law is also not left far behind. There are many colleges offering different duration paralegal online degree programs. To choose the best paralegal online degree program is a tougher question. The paralegal online degree programs have a 2-year Associate’s program, a 4-year Bachelor’s program or a simple certification program.

The reason people prefer this paralegal online degree programs are that these are the visa for your entry into the industry. One should have a complete knowledge about the paralegal online degree programs. There is a difference between a certification and a degree. The most important point to note is that in USA, the American Bar Association has not accredited any certification paralegal online degree programs. The process of getting approved for such certification is tough and time consuming. Plus making it to the approved list is a long journey that most of the institutes don’t bother to travel. But to amaze you the most, there are many students falling for these certifications not knowing that at the end of the day, they will be at a complete loss.

There are a few approved colleges in the paralegal online degree programs, but the approval is only for 7 years and then a renewal is required. The ABA is in favor of the educational programs but not the paralegal certifications. It might be disheartening to some but as a matter of fact, ABA will soon start to approve the certification.

There is no specific level of education required to be a part of any attorney. One doesn’t even need a paralegal online degree to assist a lawyer. Earning a paralegal online degree, doesn’t entitle you to get a job with some attorney. And even if you get a job to assist an attorney, he is solely responsible for your actions. You are not answerable to any of the cases that you handled. The attorney needs to be answering. Its not a bad choice to go for a paralegal online degree but don’t go for the paralegal certification.

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By: Elijah James

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Saturday, May 14th, 2011

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Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Online degree courses and Internet college classes provide help for working adults who are attempting to earn a degree and can be more beneficial when it comes to working around schedules or other responsibilities that nontraditional students may have in their life. Obviously, there are numerous reasons why men and women may return to college or attempt to begin the online degree process, as some individuals are simply looking for a way to further their current career, by acquiring more education that could lead to promotions or other opportunities, but there are some individuals who are working full-time and attempting to earn a degree that will allow them to pursue a career in another field entirely.

Yet, when it comes to online degree courses, there are numerous options that students may be able to choose from and, as a result, there are a wide range of degrees that can be offered for individuals who may want to pursue a career in anything from business to teaching. Also, many individuals are drawn to online degree courses and college classes because they can more easily fit these courses into their schedule as there are no requirements that a student has to attend campus classes, as well as, nontraditional students can tailor their study time around other responsibilities.

According to , many of the benefits of online universities that can be made available to these nontraditional students usually center around factors like programs are usually designed specifically for working adults, class times are more convenient for those who have other responsibilities in their life, coursework can be accessed from anywhere and completed on a student’s schedule, and there are a variety of degree and financial aid options that can be offered from online universities as well.

However, there are also alternatives that some nontraditional students may be able to take advantage of, like courses from major universities through a distance education program. There are some colleges that will allow students to pursue a degree off campus through these distance programs that offer the opportunity to study online, but students need to research the requirements of these types of educational programs due to the fact that there may be some cases where a student will have to visit campus, which could be problematic if an individual has a busy schedule or lives far from the university.

For students who are working, wanting to return to school later in life, or simply in need of the convenience that online university courses offer do, again, have numerous reputable institutions that can offer the option for students to go back to school or begin for the first time without actually setting foot on campus. Yet, students are prompted to not only heavily research online degree programs in their area and with major, national universities, but make sure that the degree program they choose will be accredited and that the workload will be helpful for their specific needs and situation so that they can get the most out of their online college degree program.

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