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Monday, May 21st, 2012

Online degree programs uses different methods to convey the course content or material. There are two methods which are called asynchronous or synchronous. When both participants are able to communicate at the same time, they are using synchronous method. It is not so different to traditional classroom that uses web conferencing, videoconferencing, direct broadcasting, live streaming, radio, telephone and Internet. If you want flexibility in your study periods, better have an asynchronous method since you can choose your own time and schedule of studying. There is a live interaction between the instructor and student. No need to use postal mail, audio recording, video, message board, fax, voicemail etc. People these collaborative technologies to improve the quality of their online learning.

Completing or furthering your educational goals really have many benefits to offer you. And there are even more benefits to those who choose pursuing an online degree in order to achieve their career goals. Many people find this option a great one because it gives them the convenience in their own pace of learning. In this fast paced world, people really need online degree programs where they can work on their education into their hectic schedules. That is why there is now a growth in the number of online schools as well as online students completing or furthering their online degrees and careers.

Flexibility of online degree program is also one of the main reason why it is the option of many professionals. You do not need to change or quit your current work in earning a higher education. You can attend classes at anytime in any place you are comfortable with. Parents can attend to their children’s needs while attending classes online no matter what their work schedule might be. Professionals who travels for pleasure or business can still attend class even they are in a plane, ship or bus that has an Internet access. This mode of education is a student-centered-teaching where students has their own way of learning that works best for them.

Online learning can provide students a good access to course content resources. Schools usually provides online library for research articles, ebook content and other materials needed in a subject without worrying about that the material is already checked out. Students can find a diversity of a course material that may not be available in the location they live in. Online degree program also improves your computer and Internet skills that is a good help in your field of career. Those are some of the benefits you could get from learning online. Before diving in the world of online education, you have to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages it could give you. If you feel that you can be comfortable in this type of learning situations, make sure that the school where you plan to enroll is reputable and accredited one.

About the Author:

By: Lianne

I work as a full-time writer in one of news magazine of our city. I am currently pursuing my Online degree to learn new things and enhance my skills more in writing. I enjoy my life now in spite of my hectic schedule of work and studies because I still take time to attend personal commitments and family responsibilities.

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Some students who may have graduated college in the recent months could be entering into the workforce but be in a position where they also want to pursue a graduate degree, but there are also many men and women who are currently in the workforce or who may be unemployed and are also looking at furthering their education as a way to help them with their career. In some cases, many of these graduates or workers are looking at online universities as a way to help them pursue a graduate degree, but financial assistance and the benefits that may come from using an online degree program are still areas of uncertainty for many workers.

Essentially, online graduate degree programs that will help workers pay for their costs through financial aid packages may not be something that workers have currently explored, but for young men and women who may also have graduated college with debt related to student loans, if a graduate degree is to be pursued it may require that financial assistance be offered so that more debt is not gained. However, questions still surround the online university world as to whether financial assistance is available or if there are benefits for men and women who are currently in the workforce but want to pursue a graduate degree.

While there are options for financial assistance to help graduate students through an online degree program, there may also be benefits that some workers may see as well. One of the main reasons that current employees will use online degree programs is that it will better fit into their schedule and, as a result, they will be able to continue working and attending classes without having to take courses on a traditional college campus. However, not all men and women may benefit or be able to use an online degree program to pursue a specific graduate degree, but those who are in a position to benefit from accredited online university courses for distance education classes made available directly from major universities do also stand to take and manage financial assistance as well.

Popular options like Pell grants can be helpful for students who are pursuing an online degree but recent changes in graduate school program funding, as a result of the debt reduction talks and legislation that were going on weeks ago, may make graduate school assistance from federal sources more difficult to come by in the future. Yet, some online universities, and traditional universities that offer online degree programs, can be of help in this area as students may be able to get an institutional financial assistance award through either a scholarship or grant. Also, workers may want to check with their employer to see if they will help them meet certain costs when they pursue a graduate degree as there are still some businesses that will either meet a percentage of or the entirety of a student’s financial aid costs.

Yet, some consumers may further benefit by focusing on an online graduate degree, as long as it’s accredited, in that they may not only have financial aid options, convenience when it comes to completing coursework, but some online university degree programs may be more affordable than a traditional graduate degree program of a particular university. However, potential students need to remember that if they want to get financial aid for a graduate school online degree program they will have to do a great deal of research, talk with financial aid professionals at their university, and make sure that they consult resources that may not only offer generalized scholarships and grants but may help men and women in their specific field of study pursue a graduate degree.

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Full Sail University is proud to announce that it has been recognized as one of Orlando Business Journal’s 2011 “Best Places to Work” at an awards ceremony held at the Wyndham Orlando Resort.

Winter Park, FL (PRWEB) August 13, 2011

Presented annually by the Orlando Business Journal, the “Best Places to Work” awards recognizes top companies in Central Florida that succeed in creating work environments that attract, inspire and retain talented employees. Full Sail University President Garry Jones, accepted the honor on behalf of the university, which was the winner in the “Mega” size company category.

“The dedicated members of our staff and faculty continue to provide an educational environment that is focused on giving our students a one-of-a kind experience that will train them to pursue their career goals,” said Full Sail University President, Garry Jones. “From our campus in Winter Park to our online learning platform that spans the globe, we are proud to be an exceptional place to learn and we are proud to be honored as an Orlando Business Journal’s ‘Best Places to Work’.”

About Full Sail University:

Full Sail University is an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment and media industry. Founded in 1979, Full Sail has been recognized as one of the Top Five Game Degree Programs by Electronic Gaming Monthly, one of the Best Film Programs UNleashed Magazine. In 2011, Full Sail received the “21st Century Best Practices in Distance Learning Award” from the United States Distance Learning Association, was named the “School/College of the Year” by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges, and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Social Media Colleges by

Full Sail offers Master, Bachelor, and Associate campus and online degree programs in areas related to animation, art, business, education, graphic design, film, marketing, web development, music, recording arts, sports, and video games. Full Sail graduate credits include work on OSCAR, Emmy, GRAMMY, ADDY, MTV Video Music Award, and Spike Video Game Award nominated and winning projects.

Casey Tanous
Full Sail University
(407) 679-0100
Email Information

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Everyone knows that time is a valuable feature of every aspect of life. You need time to spend with your families, time to deal with your work, time for yourself, and somehow advance your life to the next step. Online education can afford a lot of luxuries in this aspect of life. However, education can take a lot of time and energy that is why many program are appearing as fast online degree courses. The fast online degree isn’t for everyone, but the people who can benefit from them will never second guess the decision. Most professionals will benefit from fast online degrees. This article will explore some of the issues a potential student will want to keep in mind, before applying and sacrificing their energy.

What exactly is a fast online degree? Well most broadly put: it is a degree that can be accomplished fifty percent sooner than other degree programs online, and traditionally. Besides, the issue of time being a bonus, cost should be considered too. Since, you are not in school for as long, plus you can bring your own experience on board, the expenses are much lower. This brings us to an important point: not everyone will benefit from these degrees. If you are looking for a liberal arts education and supplement courses to round-out your educational experience, then these fats online degree programs are not for you. The people which benefit from them are professionals, in a steady career, which only need some supplement documentation and education to further them along. What should these professionals expect?

There are many myths out there about online education. One of them being: you will not learn as much as a traditional student. The real issue here is discipline. A fast online degree program needs students that self-disciplined and committed to learning the highly specific material quickly. It can be very challenging. However, with the right about of self-motivation a professional can easily accomplish the fast online degree program. Plus, there is always the bonus of setting your own time table.

There are other bonuses. First, since all the knowledge is very condensed, there is less busy work. With less busy work you have more time, but you also have harder things to learn in a short period of time. Secondly, remembering the material is easier. If the educational material is glossed other with other material and your program is quicker, then you will memorize the information easier. These are just of the benefits to a fast online degree.

So ask yourself, “Are you ready?” These fast online degree programs are challenging and a potential student should remember this. Just because it is quicker, doesn’t mean it is easier. You will have to commit a lot of information to memory in a short period of time. However, the benefits are rich. You will be done much quicker, plus you can achieve this success without leaving your home. For some people this is the perfect balance. Is it for you?

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 15, 2011

Deltak edu, Inc., a leading provider of online higher education services, today announced it has partnered with Boston University to provide marketing and recruiting services for the School of Social Work’s online Master of Social Work with classes beginning in August 2011.

Deltak will apply its experience and expertise to rapidly introduce Boston University’s online Master of Social Work into the market, while meeting the institution’s expectations for highly qualified enrollments. Deltak offers a full service partnership model that, in addition to marketing and recruiting services, includes: strategic planning, online course development, faculty development and support, and student retention services. This proven partnership model has been refined with the successful launch and continued support of over 90 online degree programs with other prestigious colleges and universities.

“Boston University has been a pioneer in delivering online degree programs and is an excellent example of how high quality campus-based programs can be converted and taught, with equal rigor and success, to online audiences,” said Craig Pines, President and CEO, Deltak. “Deltak’s focus on quality, and our commitment to both our partners’ success and their students’ success make for a strong strategic fit, and we are pleased that BU has chosen to partner with Deltak in this endeavor.”

A growing number of colleges and universities are entering the online market. Many of them are choosing to enter into partnerships, allowing them to focus on delivering quality degree programs while benefitting from the knowledge and scale of their partners, resulting in increased enrollments and brand expansion.

“Boston University has a proven track record in providing high quality distance learning to a sophisticated clientele worldwide ‘ through engaging and participatory courses, supported by committed faculty and student services staff,” said Jay Halfond, Boston University’s Dean of Metropolitan College Extended Education. “I am thrilled to now be working with Deltak on this exciting online venture. Together we will take social work education to a new level.”

A recipient of the Sloan Consortium’s Award for Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Education, Boston University has established itself as one of the top providers of quality online higher education. Currently, more than 3,000 BU students tap into their full learning potential from a distance, using the latest interactive technology and online learning tools to access 26 graduate-level degrees and certificates, three doctoral degrees, and a bachelor’s degree completion program.

About Deltak edu, Inc.

Deltak has been an industry leader and innovator in higher education and online learning for more than 15 years. Through collaborative partnerships, Deltak works with traditional colleges and universities to expand the reach of their master’s, doctoral, and bachelor’s degree programs, bringing the unique mission of each partner institution to new audiences and increasing both enrollments and revenue. Deltak’s partners benefit from their expertise and capabilities in market strategy, operational management, marketing, student recruitment, student retention services, faculty support, and online course development. Together, Deltak and its partners innovate to succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic higher education market. Visit for additional information about Deltak.

About Boston University

Founded in 1839, Boston University is an internationally recognized private research university with more than 30,000 students participating in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. BU consists of 17 colleges and schools along with a number of multi-disciplinary centers and institutes which are central to the school’s research and teaching mission.

Read the full story at

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Sunday, August 14th, 2011

All online education degree surveys are in the hands of eligible schools. On July 28, launched surveys to master’s degree level education programs in five disciplines: business, computer information technology, education, engineering , and nursing. If your institution has questions about which people in specific programs received surveys, including the online bachelor’s degree survey sent a couple weeks earlier, contact

We are pleased that so many schools have already either submitted or made substantial progress on their surveys. But the more schools that participate, the more questions they ask. Many of these questions resemble those submitted by participants in our recent WCET webcast . Our written responses to their open questions about survey design, rankings methodology, and the upcoming U.S.News World Report online education directory are published on the organization’s website along with an archive of the webcast and a near replica of the bachelor’s degree survey.

To further ease the burden of our hard-working data team, below are answers to some of our most commonly received questions:

Q: The surveys are long and complex. Can my school get an extension?

A: Yes. In fact, we have already extended the general deadline for the online bachelor’s degree survey until August 27. If your school needs a personal extension beyond that date for any of the surveys, there is a “help” button on the electronic survey tool that can be used to E-mail requests and questions to U.S. News data collectors. At this time, nearly all requests for extensions will be granted.

Q: Should my school complete the survey if it is offering an online degree program for the first time in 2011-2012 and cannot report data on 2010-2011?

A: Yes. Although schools with new online programs are not capable of providing the statistical data necessary to be included in the rankings, they can still have profiles in U.S. News ‘s free searchable directory of online degree programs. In doing so, these schools can inform site readers that they are indeed administering online program(s), and can convey information about their programs’ course offerings , admissions requirements , technologies, and tuition, among other distinguishing characteristics.

Q: My graduate school in one of your disciplines offers multiple specialized programs that are very different. Can I get a separate survey for each one?

A: No. We did not create separate surveys within disciplines this year. There also will be no online degree program rankings produced on specialized levels. Schools must aggregate data when calculating descriptive statistics . For questions asking about program characteristics (e.g., admissions deadlines, course technologies), schools should provide responses that represent the breadth of their offerings as accurately as possible.

Next week, we’ll provide answers to additional questions.

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Sunday, August 14th, 2011

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar will join former Medtronic Chairman and CEO Bill George as the featured speakers for Capella University’s commencement ceremony on Saturday.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Capella University is an accredited online university that has built its reputation by providing quality online degree programs for working adults.

Capella currently offers 135 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 17 certificate programs. Nearly 80 percent of Capella students are currently enrolled in master’s, specialist or doctoral degree programs in business, counseling, education, health administration, homeland security, human resource management, human services, information technology, nonprofit management and leadership, nursing, psychology, public administration, public health, public safety and social work.

More than 38,000 students were enrolled as of June 30, 2011, from all 50 states and 59 other countries.

2 p.m.
Saturday Aug. 13

Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Avenue South
Downtown Minneapolis

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Friday, August 12th, 2011

Many medical treatments could not be diagnosed without the vital ability to view the inside of a patient. The use of technology and medical knowledge required to perform this function requires a formal education. Receiving an education is possible by entering an online radiologic technology career school. Students can enter online degree programs to become a radiology technologist.

Online schools prepare students for the professional workplace by providing specialized training to use industry technologies and medical techniques.
*Technologists perform diagnostic imaging examinations to produce images of a particular part of a patient’s body.
*Students will learn how to work directly with patients by explaining the procedure, positioning patients for the x-ray, and protecting patients from any unneeded radiation exposure.
*Technologists conduct complex x-rays using different types of imaging equipment. They work with computed tomography, commonly known as a CT scan, to generate a three-dimensional picture of a targeted area. The use of magnetic resonance imaging creates the same type of photo as a CT except it uses non-ionizing radio frequency to create image contrast.
*Students can also learn how to use mammography equipment, record patient history, and maintain equipment.
Online schools provide students with in depth understanding of all these areas to produce a well-rounded professional.

Students can enter programs at the certificate, associates, bachelors, and master’s degree level. Many students pursue either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. These two-degree levels are the most common sought after educational paths. Earning a master’s degree is less common but many already working professionals earn this two-year degree to gain top-level positions in their career. Certificate programs are fairly similar to associate’s degree programs but generally focus on preparing students for certification exams.

Earning an education through a distance learning program can have students completing courses and learning how to operate the industry’s specialized equipment. Curriculum also focuses on medical care of patients and diagnostic imaging.
*An online patient care course instructs students on the procedures and techniques used to manage patients inside the office. Topics like psychology and medical terminology further the understanding of how to communicate and work with patients.
*A diagnostic imaging course provided by an online school focuses on different ailments and injuries that affect the human body. Instruction on anatomy helps students learn about the human body to help them in the diagnosis of a patient in regards to completing x-rays.
*Skills acquired through an associate’s degree program include preventing harmful radiation, positioning patients, and operating equipment.
Continuing education promotes a more in depth understanding of radiologic technology.

In four-year bachelor degree programs students focus on advanced techniques and science courses. Some advanced concepts may include how equipment operates and surgical procedures. Science courses in anatomy, physiology, and chemistry give students a more comprehensive understanding of the medical field. Radiologic career schools online make the education process more centralized and focused.

Students can work through programs from inside their homes and obtain a degree. Begin studying today by entering an accredited online radiologic technology degree program. Accreditation is provided by agencies like The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. Full accreditation proves that a program offers the best quality education possible. Career training is just an Internet search away.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised on our site.

Notice to Publishers: You may use this article on Ezine or on your Website; however, ALL links must remain intact and active. Failure to retain links is expressly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted extensively by law.

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Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Oftentimes, interests know an effective way to win public support on Capitol Hill is to demonize a particular group or industry. Invariably what happens in this most cynical of processes is that the public is left with caricatures or impersonal abstractions of the debated subject.

Put simply, we’re left with oversimplifications when it comes to complicated policies that will affect the lives of millions of Americans.

In the debate over a new regulation known as the “gainful employment” rule, which singles out private sector colleges and universities with burdensome new restrictions on financial aid, it seems that nobody has stopped and considered the qualities of these institutions that have attracted so many degree seekers in the first place.

For example, one of the most valuable aspects ofHerzingUniversityis our online degree program. Corporate Report Wisconsin magazine recently named Herzing University Online the “Best School for Online Education,” winning the prestigious Platinum Award, part of the magazine’s annual Best of Wisconsin reader’s choice awards.

These online degree programs allow working adults or parents to attain a degree without forfeiting their ability to work day jobs or care for children. It allows flexibility that few college degree programs offer, because we know how difficult it can be to balance work, family and course work.

And in these difficult times, those who are employed know how fortunate they are to have a job. With online degree programs provided by private sector schools like Herzing, these nontraditional students don’t have to make the difficult choice between keeping their current job and advancing their skills ” they can work, provide for their families and earn a degree.

Another aspect of private sector schools and universities that has gotten lost in the oversimplified debate surrounding the “gainful employment” rule is the family environment and nurturing structure of our programs. For example, our focus at Herzing of “Employment from Day One” encourages students right at the beginning and throughout their educational program to considerthe kind of career they will want and even where they would like to work. Their employment goals are supported by the advice and guidance of a fulltime staff of 28 professionals, many more than at a typical public academic institution of the same size, but typical of private sector schools. And to sharpen students’ interviewing and job seeking seeks, each student is required to enroll in and successfully complete a Career Development Seminar.

As a result, the success rate for these online programs at Herzing has been overwhelmingly positive, with six out of seven available graduates from 2010 finding jobs in their particular field of study. Part of the reason for this success is the specialized programs we offer. When there is a void in higher education training for a particular job sector, we take pride in making a niche out of that specialty area and then providing students then the expertise that is needed. To ensure our educational programs are up to the task, like most private sector colleges, we have curriculum advisory committees composed of practitioners who know the skills employers want.

At the same time we want to support the many communities we serve by strongly promoting community serviceIt gives our students a chance to volunteer, reach out and give back to their communities by utilizing their own various talents. As a result, the students gain the pride of helping individuals with health issues, assisting in fund raisers or developing better computer skills for community service.

One of the driving forces behind the industry-specific programs at Herzing and other similar private sector schools is the idea that these programs represent the future of higher education inAmerica. This sort of flexible, family-oriented, career-focused atmosphere is not just good for our students; it is good for a strong 21 st Century American workforce.

These are the programs and success stories that will be hit hardest by unnecessary regulations coming out ofWashington. If we are to continue to be a world leader, we must ensureAmericahas a broad and flexible approach to higher education as it directly impacts our ability to compete in a global marketplace. I am proud to have founded an institution that is training our citizens and helping them obtain the skills to drive our economy in a new, technological era.

Henry G. Herzing is the chancellor and founder ofHerzingUniversity.

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

For more information about the bachelor of applied arts and sciences degree in computer information systems and other degree offerings in the UHV School of Arts Sciences, visit ranked a University of Houston-Victoria computer degree No. 4 in affordability when compared with other regionally accredited universities across the U.S.

“ is the go-to source for recognizing standout online education offerings, and we are pleased to have our online bachelor of applied arts and sciences degree in computer information systems ranked as the most affordable in the state and among the most affordable in the nation,” said Jeffrey Di Leo, dean of the School of Arts Sciences. “University officials have done an outstanding job making sure that our tuition stays low but our programs are led by quality faculty.”

The online bachelor degree affordability rankings were calculated by comparing tuition and distance learning fees at 43 regionally accredited universities in the U.S. These universities offer 88 online degrees in the major areas of information technology, computers, computer science, computer programming, computer information systems, Web development, technology management and allied IT career fields. UHV’s program also was ranked the most affordable in Texas.

In-state students pay an average of $22,740 at UHV for an online bachelor of applied arts and sciences degree in computer information systems.

By comparison, the average higher education cost for an online IT bachelor degree or online computer science degree is $46,758, according to The study’s most expensive private universities reported online IT degree costs of more than $86,000.

“Online university students can pay as little as $21,000 or as much as $86,000 for an online IT bachelor degree,” said Vicky Phillips, founder of “Clearly it pays for nontraditional students to get educated about the University of Houston-Victoria’s online degree programs before they enroll.” first recognized UHV in 2004 when it ranked the Strategic Master of Business Administration fourth as a “Best Buy” in regionally accredited universities across the nation. Since then, the university’s business programs have made the rankings three other years, but this is the first year the degree program has made the list. The rankings come out every two years.

“So many students and families do their research online when looking for a college, so we are honored to be ranked by,” UHV Interim President Don Smith said. “UHV continues to offer quality, affordable programs to both traditional, face-to-face students and those whose schedules work better with online study.”


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