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Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Getting an online Master’s Degree is not cheap. You are still looking at shelling out thousands of dollars, even if you can get financial aid. If you are thinking of going through all of the time and expense of getting a distance learning MBA, you better make sure that the school offering the course is accredited. If it’s not accredited, then your distance learning MBA will not even be worth the paper it’s printed on.
Not All Schools Are Alike
If you found out your child got a scholarship to “Whatsamatter U”, you probably would not be nearly as excited as if your child got a scholarship to Harvard. Why is that? Because Harvard is a prestigious school with a recognizable name brand. Harvard graduates include politicians, lawyers and even Presidents.
In contrast, “Whatsamatter U” is a complete unknown in educational quality. It’s also the name of the University that Bullwinkle the Moose graduated from. Put yourself in your employer’s shoes. If you had two candidates for a job – one with a Harvard degree and the other an MBA from a distance learning graduate school with a name you never heard of before, who would you hire?
Signs Of Quality
A quality distance learning graduate school will have several factors that a poor quality distance learning school won’t. First off, take a good look at the name of the school offering the distance learning MBA course. It should not contain words like “correspondence”, “online” or “virtual”. These are not illegal words to use, but they will mark your MBA as inferior in the eyes of potential employers.
You also need to check with your country’s Department of Education to see if the distance learning MBA course has really been accredited. For example, in America, you would check with the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Don’t just take the school’s word for it that they offer accredited courses.
Be sure to actually check their claims, so you don’t become a victim of fraud. Also, if the school’s name sounds really similar but is not an exact match to an accredited distance learning MBA course offered by another college, then that’s a big warning that something peculiar is going on. Also, do a lot of comparison shopping just like you would for any other major purchase like a home or a car before you commit to an online MBA program. This may save you a lot of headaches and a lot of money.

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Friday, August 12th, 2011

The LL.M. – U.S. Regulatory Trade Law was designed for the attorney who wants a strong foundation in U.S. regulatory international trade law from the legal practitioner perspective. This online 56-week, seven course (28 Graduate Semester Credit Hour) Master of Legal Letters specialty degree has the following entry requirements: Applicants must have earned a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from an accredited law school and currently hold the Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer(R) designation or have successfully completed the four requisite training courses for the CUSECO exam within the past five years.

The Masters of Science – Trade Compliance graduate online degree provides an in-depth understanding of U.S. trade compliance regulations and their application both in the U.S. and with foreign trade partners. The 72 week, nine course (36 Graduate Semester Credit Hour) program is open to individuals possessing a bachelor degree from an accredited institution and who currently hold the Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer(R) designation or have successfully completed the four requisite training courses for the CUSECO exam within the past five years.

Complete details about these online graduate programs will be available on Dunlap-Stone University’s web site after their accreditation. Entering class sizes are very limited. Students will be enrolled in the order in which they contact the school. To have your name added to the list of prospective enrollees, please contact Lisa Fritsch at or call her at (800) 474-8013 or (602) 648-5750.

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Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Columbia Southern University (CSU),a majoronline school, is proud to announce the winners of the CSU/National Sheriff’s Association scholarship: Deputy Sheriff Danielle Ehrhard of St. Louis and Sheriff Tom Volner of Reynolds County, Missouri.

Through the partnership NSA and CSU enjoy, members of the law enforcement group can compete in an essay contest for a two-year scholarship to be used toward an online master’s degree and a two-year scholarship for an online bachelor’s degree at CSU. The online university offers many degree programs including criminal justice, business administration, occupational safety and health , fire science , and human resource management.

Ehrhard, who has worked as a deputy for more than four years, said she was honored and overwhelmed when she heard she won.

“Honestly, my co-workers and my captain were encouraging me to write an essay for quite a few weeks, but I was afraid of getting my hopes up and not getting the scholarship,” she said.

“After I finally realized that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I started writing. It was a wake-up call for me, that even if I didn’t get it, I was determined to get back to school.”

And back to school she will go as Ehrhard plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in human resources at CSU. “I enjoy working with people and want to help them achieve their goals and advance in their field,” she explained.

Volner, who has been Reynolds County sheriff since 2009 and in law enforcement for more than a decade, also values helping others and the chance “to effect changes that make my county a better place to live, work and play.”

He will strive for a master’s degree in criminal justice with CSU. “This degree will allow me to gain new ideas and insight on the operation of the Sheriff’s Office,” Volner said.

Recognizing CSU’s flexible and self-paced class structure, Volner said he chose to compete in the essay contest for the online degree “to be able to complete my degree around my busy and hectic schedule.”

CSU and the NSA are learning partners which allows association members and their spouses and children to attend CSU with a 10 percent tuition discount and application fee waiver. To learn more about CSU online associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, please visit .

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Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Due to the world’s constant growth lately and technology being a very important part of our lives, people are moving towards the unconventional ways of learning various courses to make things easier for themselves.
You can now get your master’s degree through the Internet at your own flexibility and convenience. Many institutes are offering master’s degree online, as it requires you to write thesis on the specialization that you have chosen after their graduation. Since master’s degree does not require meetings and lectures, students can now study from their homes after their work hours, during weekends at their own pace.

Online master’s degree has its own advantages; however, students should also be aware of other factors, which may affect their program. The first and foremost consideration is that you apply as a part time student who would like to study on his or her own.

Another important thing is that you must show your experience to the online university and basis that, you may be awarded with the credits for the previous work. It is important to show your past knowledge and experience before getting into an online master’s degree program.

Another good thing is that if you have competencies in certain subjects or fields, you can certainly show them to the online college which would help you exempt the course by taking an exam and you would still get the credits basis your score. You can save a lot of time through this and it is very beneficial for people like IT geniuses who are required to take various competency courses as part of their master’s program. It is advisable to check this with your university to have a better understanding of your previously achieved competencies.

In this fast world, we do not get enough time to even think about studies and especially if we are working. It is difficult to take out time for studies if you are into full time Job. The best part about online master’s degree program is that it saves a lot on your time and gives you flexibility to study from home. It saves upon your time, energy and money. So, getting a master’s degree dream can become true for everyone who aspires to gain knowledge and expertise in their area of study. Not just students, even mothers and part timers can now fulfill their dreams by getting an online master degree.

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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

KNOXVILLE – From online classes to medical research, many residents of rural Appalachia depend upon their public libraries for Internet access.

That’s what got Bharat Mehra interested in training librarians to better help their patrons.

Mehra, who is an associate professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee, received a $567,660 grant from the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program to offer an online master’s degree in Information Technology to rural librarians.

Residents of rural Appalachia have consistently lower levels of computer ownership, education and access to information than the rest of the nation, Mehra told the Knoxville News Sentinel, and the quickest way to get those resources to the people who need them is through local libraries.

Now librarians in East Tennessee and the surrounding area are learning skills like how to conduct research and create databases as well as how to market their libraries’ programs and write grant applications.

Christine Smith, the branch manager at C. Bascom Slemp Memorial Library in Big Stone Gap, Va., said older residents often come to the library to research legal and medical questions.

“It seems like we have a lot of people seeking medical information, and I’ve learned a lot about distinguishing and making sure I am giving information that is accurate,” she said. “I have more confidence in my skills and sharing my skills, and I’ve learned to be more vocal in seeking community partners.”

Soon, she said, a local lawyer will offer sessions at the library on estate planning and other legal questions.

Richard Haynes, director of the Harlan County Public Libraries system in eastern Kentucky, said Internet service in his area is very “splotchy” and people are very dependent on the library for broadband access.

“People come in here just for email, but we have a lot of businessmen moving through the area and (they) need reliable broadband, and students taking (online) classes,” he said. “That is something – bridging that digital divide with our Internet – that we can provide.”

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Penn State World Campus’ homeland security and defense minor is delivered online and can expand job opportunities for graduates interested in careers in emergency management, first response, law enforcement, information security, government and the private sector.

University Park, PA (PRWEB) August 03, 2011

Penn State undergraduate students who want to expand their career opportunities now have a new online option. The homeland security and defense minor is Penn State’s first online minor. It will enable students to acquire specialized knowledge and skills for jobs in the homeland security field, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects will grow by as much as 20 percent in the coming decade for occupations in emergency management, first response, law enforcement, and state, local and federal government.

“Students in political science, criminal justice, law and society, and organizational leadership, in particular, will benefit from the minor in homeland security and defense, which will prepare them for entry-level positions in homeland security fields,” said Steven Peterson, Ph.D., professor of politics and public affairs at Penn State Harrisburg and lead faculty member for the minor. “The minor will also facilitate their entrance into Penn State’s online master’s degree in homeland security .”

Penn State Harrisburg’s School of Public Affairs offers the 18-credit minor, which is delivered online by Penn State’s World Campus. The minor covers topics on homeland security and defense, terrorism, national security policy, security administration, border security, emergency management and critical infrastructure. “It is a logical evolutionary step for Penn State’s online educational portfolio,” Peterson said.

“Occupations in homeland security are broadly distributed throughout the country, which makes online program delivery a good option for first responders and others working in this field,” said Jeremy Plant, Ph.D., professor of public policy and base program coordinator for the online master’s degree in homeland security. “For Penn State graduates of the minor, enrolling in the master’s degree will be seamless.”

Information about the online homeland security and defense minor is available by cell phone and computer.

Penn State World Campus specializes in adult online education, delivering more than 70 of Penn State’s most highly regarded graduate, undergraduate and professional education programs through convenient online formats. Founded in 1998, Penn State World Campus is the University’s 25th campus serving more than 8,500 students in all 50 states and around the world. World Campus is part of Penn State Outreach, the largest unified outreach organization in American higher education. Penn State Outreach serves more than 5 million people each year, delivering more than 2,000 programs to people in all 67 Pennsylvania counties, all 50 states and 114 countries worldwide.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – From online classes to medical research, many residents of rural Appalachia depend upon their public libraries for Internet access.

That’s what got the University of Tennessee’s Bharat Mehra interested in training librarians to better help their patrons.

Mehra, who is an associate professor in the School of Information Sciences, received a grant to offer an online master’s degree in Information Technology to rural librarians.

Now librarians in East Tennessee and the surrounding area are learning skills like how to conduct research and create databases.

Christine Smith is a librarian in Big Stone Gap, Va. She told the Knoxville News Sentinel that a lot of older residents use the library’s computers to research legal and medical questions. Her training allows her to steer them toward legitimate information.

Information from: The Knoxville News Sentinel,

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Degree programs that are offered in high-need career fields like science, mathematics, teaching, or the medical industry are all being explored by a variety of men and women who may range from traditional students who are entering college after high school to nontraditional students who may be returning to school after a lengthy absence or may be beginning college for the first time due to factors like unemployment, the desire to change their career fields, or simply as a way to gain further education so that they can go further in their current career. Yet, online universities have been competing with traditional universities to attract students as various colleges are looking to establish themselves in the online classroom arena so that, for students across the nation, potential enrollment it is possible.

Online universities are usually more convenient for certain students due to the fact that they will allow them to set their own schedule, and this can be beneficial for men and women who may have a job, family, or as a result of other circumstances like obligations or location will be unable to attend a traditional university. Understandably though, there have been questions raised as to whether an online university can provide a quality education that is comparable to the learning experience that is available at a traditional university. It needs to be understood that not all major universities are accredited, reputable, or even the best route for certain degree programs, but there are those who feel that an online learning experience is simply lacking in terms of pursuing specific careers, particularly in high-need fields.

Concerning these specific degree programs, this is where the student must look at what an online university offers, the requirements and course work that a high-need degree program will entail at either an online university or traditional college, and then make sure that they are only researching universities where these particular programs are well-established before making their choice. There are some wonderful online educational institutions that are in such a position where they can provide a phenomenal education to their students, but as with traditional colleges, some may have more specialized areas of study where a student may be able to excel at a particular degree program.

When it comes to online college degree programs in general, there are major universities who are offering degrees of such as an MBA online, so the ability to gain a quality education from an online university or Internet degree program is not necessarily the question, as online classrooms can offer advantages, like a variety of opinions from students across the country or even world, as well as, the ability to learn from a professor that may be at a top-ranked institution despite the fact that a student might not be enrolled at that school.

What students must focus on is whether an online environment will be the best for their chosen career field, as high-need areas like mathematics or science may require for some a more hands-on learning experience that could only be available at a traditional university. Yet, when it comes to certain career paths, some major universities may not offer the best option, particularly when a student’s personal life is factored into the equation, as there are some men and women who may have pursued an online master’s degree in education or mathematics, and as a result may have not been in a position where it was necessarily more helpful to attend a traditional classroom setting for these courses.

In the end, certain majors or degree programs will obviously offer a better learning experience at either a type of university, or at a specific college, and this is where students must look at what they plan to study to determine if a traditional school will be best or if online classes would provide them with the learning experience they desire and need. Yet, once this decision has been made, there are a variety of traditional and online universities that, while they may be well established, will not necessarily be the best fit for a student’s academic goals and, at this point, it comes down to a potential student looking at what a university has to offer within their chosen field of study to see which route will lead them down the most prosperous road to their degree.

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2011


Wilkes University Selects Learning Management System

Wilkes University migration to Desire2Learn Learning Suite to begin system-wide in Summer 2011 Semester

Baltimore, MD – D2L Ltd. is pleased to announce that Wilkes University, a private, co-ed, comprehensive institution located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, has migrated to Desire2Learn Learning Suite.

Implementation of the Desire2Learn platform begins with Summer 2011 courses and will continue on a phased-in basis with full implementation by the Fall semester which begins in late August. As the project moves forward, additional functionality will be added through Desire2Learn ePortfolio and Desire2Learn Learning Repository amongst others.

Increased functionality and ease of use will enhance the learning experience of the 2,200 full- and part-time undergraduates and approximately 3,700 full- and part-time graduate students. The Desire2Learn platform, fully integrated into Wilkes’ portal environment, will be available to all students and faculty.

“We had a need to consolidate from two previous Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and found that Desire2Learn has the functionality and usability we were looking for in a new system,” states Matthew Koch, e-learning Director, Wilkes University. “We also like the direction we see Desire2Learn moving toward in terms of future development. Areas like mobile access, an affordable ePortfolio, and institutional assessment capability are particularly attractive.”

All programs and faculty will be on the same system going forward, streamlining processes and the customer service function. LMS continuity is crucial to Wilkes’ plans as eLearning continues to be a significant area of growth for the university, particularly in online Master’s degree programs.

Gloria M. Barlow, Chief Information Officer, Wilkes University, states, “Through implementing the Desire2Learn platform we will be providing the premier LMS solutions on the market to the entire campus. Standardizing on this system will provide cost savings in many areas in addition to providing a better teaching and learning experience to faculty and students. Desire2Learn incorporates additional functionality in many of its tools, and through new tools, like the ePortfolio and interactive Rubrics, we will be able to expand the capabilities of the system for faculty.”

The selection process was led by Wilkes’ faculty following a thorough review of the features sought in a new platform. Faculty leaders in both graduate and undergraduate divisions have expressed enthusiasm for the platform’s functionality and ease of use.

“We’re very pleased to be partnering with Wilkes University in enhancing and expanding their growing online and hybrid program offerings at all levels,” states John Baker, President D2L. “Implementation of the Desire2Learn platform will enable Wilkes to leap forward effectively and efficiently as they continue to look for new program opportunities, while at the same time committing resources to helping faculty enhance their courses.”

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