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Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Pursuing an online psychology degree is the most convenient method for one seeking to advance his career in all areas of psychology, counseling or social services. Undoubtedly a quicker alternative to conventional education, significant savings in time and expenses also compel many to favor this approach. Starting with a bachelor’s degree, one is able to go further for a master’s as well as doctoral degree so long as qualifications are sufficient for acceptance.

Online degrees may be offered with an approach of allowing students to opt for structured courses with pre-defined dates. This is certainly helpful for those who do not want to be burdened with enforcing self discipline. By going with the flow, they are assured of timely completion so long as they abide by their program’s structure. Alternatively, those preferring a more flexible timeline choose self-paced programs. They do not dictate start or end dates as it is up to the student to set his own milestones. However ideal this may sound, it may be to the detriment of a slacker as time flies by at Concorde speed.

Convenience works both ways as the range of instructors is not confined to the academic circle. Flexible hours allow professionals in active practice to avail their services in training budding psychologists. Being able to acquaint their students with real life cases is certainly an added advantage as text book teaching can only go so far.

To encourage students of online psychology degrees some form of physical interaction, hybrid programs combine conventional education with the modern. Students attend physical classes, seminars or special sessions to enable face-to-face dialogue with instructors, peers and visiting guests. Since one is required to physically interact with people in actual practice, it makes sense to instill the habit and remove the crutch of hiding behind a monitor. It is an utter shame to churn out gifted intellectuals who write insightful papers but yet cannot look another in the eye.

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Chris is the writer of this article and he likes to write articles on interesting topics such as Online Psychology Degree and Psychology Salary. Visit for more details.

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Saturday, February 12th, 2011

An online degree program that is currently in demand these days is directed towards psychology. If you want to become a psychologist later on, an online psychology degree will open doors to knowing more about mental health. This is because psychology is the study of the human behavior and the human mind.

If you are really into studying psychology, a degree can be earned online. Getting your online degree will still have the same set up as if you were in a traditional classroom, with the study of the human behavior and how people function mentally. It can be a tedious task, however because enrolling for an online psychology degree requires research and patience. First thing you should do is to pick a degree level. If you are a college graduate already but would want to pursue higher education, then maybe an associate’s degree or a master’s degree is what you’re looking for. Years of completion vary so this is one issue you can ask the school you are planning to enroll in. Remember though, that a psychology degree will have difference specializations. The most popular and in demand specializations today are child psychology, career psychology and adolescent psychology. An online psychology degree will be flexible with your schedule. Thus you can choose the hours you will need to be online which will include the following tasks: take exams, access your coursework, and maybe even participate in classroom discussions.

If you are pursuing higher education, prerequisite subjects will include social sciences, biology, behavioral psychology, research methods and other courses connected to mental health. This means that you should have garnered enough units of this subject in order for you to qualify in the course. Every state requirement differs. Others states require internship while others do not. So be sure about this and don’t forget to research.

People who have degrees in psychology later work in the human resource personnel of companies, become psychologists or guidance counselors. This is because, the training they get with their online psychology degree helps them read one’s actions and behavior. They are able to look into the reasons why such behavior exists in that person. It is this field of study that makes the student capable of reading another person’s behavior and actions. There is a continuing demand for psychologists in institutions. Thus, an online degree in psychology will prove beneficial and fulfilling for you.

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For more great information about an online college degree, visit our new website today.

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Saturday, February 12th, 2011

An online psychology degree is your key to many different professions and work environments. Psychologists can work for the federal or state governments, from private practices to schools and businesses. Narrowing in on your targeted field before you actually begin your studies is a good idea; thankfully, an online psychology degree isn’t limited and offers many programs of study.

Who do you want to work with? Answering this question honestly will benefit you and your potential patients.

  • If you want to work with children, then pursuing a degree with a specialization in child psychology can place you in an elementary school or high school.
  • A drug and alcohol therapist helps people with habits that are negatively affecting their health, relationships and life potentials.
  • If you like to help people with relationship issues, then a career in marriage and relationship counseling is a good choice.
  • Clinical psychologists work with people who have physical and mental ailments. These doctors usually have a specialty area with a certain physical or mental disability, such as Turrets or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • If you want to work with a business and help them to better run it through knowledge of relationships and power structures, then consider an industrial or organizational psychology degree.

Where do you want to work?

  • Psychology is an ever-expanding career field, with new discoveries and methods developed every year. If you want to be part of that discovery team, then a career in a research lab is the right area for you. A master’s or doctorate degree is an employment condition.
  • Child psychologists can be found in schools, summer camps, hospitals and rehab centers.
  • Most relationship and career counselors are in private practices.
  • Veterans of war and active duty personnel need therapists to speak to and be counseled by, especially those that suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, the most prevalent symptom of war. These men and women can be found in military bases, military hospitals and even overseas with the force itself.

What would you like to earn?

Like any field of science, a psychologist’s pay is very much based on their education level. To be a Psychologist, a master’s or doctorate degree level is vital. A bachelor’s degree will lead to jobs such as aides and assistants to registered psychologists; these careers have a median income of $26,560 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). A doctorate degree is preferred when it comes to Psychologist positions within private practices or places like schools. Clinical, school and counseling psychologists earned a median salary of $64,140 with the top earning over $100,000 (BLS). Organizational and industrial psychologists usually require a minimum master’s degree with experience and knowledge of the business world. An average salary for this career is about $77,010 (BLS) with the top earnings at $149,120.

Going back to a ground school full-time is hard to do, especially if you are in a financial situation that necessitates you to keep working. Or you may be in a practice already, but wish to pursue an additional degree without leaving your patients. These situations and many more make an online psychology degree an easier and more feasible option. In today’s fast-paced environment, the move of information and data to online databases makes this a great option. You can complete your first, or an advanced degree, at a pace that is more flexible to your scheduling demands and more affordable for your wallet.

About the Author:

University Bound is THE authority in online education and the ultimate resource for prospective online students.

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
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Saturday, January 15th, 2011

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

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Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Even with the intent of obtaining a degree, most people are hesitant when it comes to the fact that they need to give up their current job to attend lecture classes. That is why the existence of online psychology degree has given plenty of opportunities as well as rooms of flexibility for those who cannot afford to leave their current job. This is because the online schools will not have regular classes to attend; the timetable can be altered according to your time and convenience. From such a way, you can enhance your psychological knowledge yet not interfering your income and schedule.

Either you succeed or fail in a job substantially depends on how you deal with your job, understanding, interacting with people and your working emotions. With a degree in psychology, you will be given much exposure on how to communicate with above-average interest in people. No doubt, the psychoanalysis and understanding of the human behavior have become one of the primary objectives of psychological studies for as long as it exists. If you are a degree holder of psychology, you can extend your view about human manners and how to intermingle with different types of people.

Due to the increasing popularity of the online psychology degree, more prestigious online universities and colleges are offering such a program. In fact, they are not only limited to the bachelor’s degree, they come also in the master’s degree and PhD programs. Similar to pursuing a degree in a ground-based institution, earning an online degree is subjected to some basic preconditions and the set of items may vary from one school to another. For instance, the master’s degree or doctor level of psychology program will need a prerequisite of GED of 22 years or above or a high school diploma and have related working experience. Besides, the common requirement is good English in both the written and speaking skills.

Apart from that, the degree in psychology that you earn from any online educational bodies will be a potential platform to enhance your career prospects in the field of psychology. The foundational courses and training provided will prepare you for any possibly situations that you might face in the future. You will also be given the opportunity to dedicate yourself into specializations such as clinical psychology, health psychology, school psychology or general psychology.

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

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From A to Z about Online Psychology Degree

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Just like any other traditional study that requires absence and face to face with the lecturers and other students, but this online study doesn’t need such condition. Several jobs that graduates from online psychology degree are like personality development practices, treatment in therapeutic and more. Many graduates proofed that the online psychology degree is the effective way for them to spread their career in business world.

What will student in the online bachelor degree in psychology learn? They will learn about the most fundamental or essential knowledge of varieties psychology disciplines. It is starting from the investigational psychology to social and at the end is the abnormal or deviant psychology. Graduates from this bachelor degree will face the gateway to the job in business world.

In other case, particular colleges offer a program of two years Associate of Arts in Psychology, which can be done with its online study. From here, students are suggested to continue the study to higher level, because it will boost to their career, which is to complete the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This level will consume about four years to graduate. Students will get many subjects, like psychology from numbers of point of views, number of main theories of psychology, psychology’s inventors, history of psychology and much different relevance in psychology. Gradutuates of bachelor degree, they can continue to master and doctoral degree. Numbers of top universities offer online program for master and doctoral in psychology. The thing you must do is to choose the most qualified ones.

The students who continue to Master degree of Psychology will receive the Master of Arts in Psychology. From here he can continue to Ph.D or Psy. D. Other alternative of Master level in Psychology is to get the Masters of Social Work (MSW). This Master degree also offered online by certain universities. Students, who plan to continue this specialization can enter from other discipline, namely the medical school background. And after they graduated they can work in a mental health center or to be psychiatrists.

Just like the traditional Master degree, this is the same with online Master degree that will take about two year program. After gradutad from Master degree of Psychology those graduates can get bigger chance to work in business world, like to be a psychology assistant and counselor in mental health. And also this will make the graduates have bigger chance to continue to the doctoral or Ph.D program in psychology.

Continuing the study to doctoral degree in psychology can get that degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (Ph.D.). This level will be concentrated in the patient treatment with varieties of methods from psychology therapy.

So if you are interested in human way of thinking or mind and the behind that mind works that reflect to the behaviour and wish to have a career in this field, then you should choose this psychology disclipline, and onlien psychology degree is one of the option to study.

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    Saturday, October 30th, 2010

    The modern world is a place where motives play a vital role in every action of human life. Psychology is the basic reason behind any action that human being takes in different situations and therefore, the study of psychology has gained much popularity in modern time throughout the world.The traditional campus-based psychology degree program is not the only option for you to earn a psychology degree; you can choose to pursue a psychology degree online. The advantages of online psychology degree in term of flexibility of study at any time and from any place can benefit you if you prefer to follow your own pace of study progress and have a learning environment at your preference location such as your comfort home.There are many career options for those who complete accredited online psychology degrees. One growing field is that of company or private firm psychologists. Businesses are trying to organizational behavior and how people can be motivated more successfully in the workplace.

    One potential career path for those pursuing online psychology degrees is that of the corporate psychologist, or the organizational behaviorist. Organizational behavior is the field of study that focuses on how a company can increase productivity, success, loyalty and happiness through the environment, benefits and community that they provide.Psychology does not only deal with abnormal people but they also deal with normal people. You have noticed that lots of people go to a medical doctor to have themselves checked and the doctor finds no ailment in them. These symptoms could the cause of psychological effects due to things like stress.

    Accredited Online Psychology Colleges In every geographic location including the US, certification or official authorization should be a primary feature of any and every educational institutions, whether online or offline. This is to make sure that the set quality academic standards are being adhered to. This certification or accreditation is also a determinant as to whether that particular institution, especially online is qualified to be funded either at the state or federal levels.Salaries in the field are also quite competitive. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for psychology degree holders is due to increase right through until 2014. Even though most students do a psychology degree at a traditional bricks and mortar college, an increasing number of students are doing the program via online distance learning.With the abundance of accredited online psychology degrees available today, your career opportunities are limitless. Don’t forget that you’ll also improve your personal life with the knowledge you gain from psychology.

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    Thursday, September 16th, 2010

    If you want to work and still pursue your studies, you can get your psychology degree from an online college. When you are constantly busy at work, you can barely find the time to travel and attend classes at a regular campus. With a family to take care of, it is probably difficult to keep up with fixed class schedules. The demands and requirements of a traditional school can be quite challenging for a career person or someone with a family. Making good use of the Internet, nothing should get in your way of getting a degree in psychology.

    If you have always thought about getting a degree in psychology, an online college could be the solution you are looking for. Study about the theories and take the lessons on behavior, personality, human resource, and therapy, to name a few. Take the opportunity to learn from qualified educators and professionals who have the knowledge and expertise. They can help you achieve that the degree of your choice. Take the time and effort to learn the basics from the right source. Soon enough, you should be looking forward to starting a career in consulting, human resource management, or behavioral therapy.

    There are good colleges that offer anal kings of subject including psychology. You can select the subjects that you want to take. It allows you to plan your schedule accordingly, to make room for taking lectures and accomplishing projects required for your course. You are in charge of your time. You have the convenience of doing the schoolwork in the comfort of your home. Do not worry about the minimal interaction with your professor and fellow students, you have to be independent and self-reliant. Studying online has its own challenges and demands. All you need is the right motivation and attitude to pursue a psychology degree from an online university or college.

    If you want to start a career in psychology but find it hard to attend regular classes, it is best to undertake a degree in psychology. Studying gives you the foundation that will help build your future in whatever career you choose to pursue. It also gives you confidence, knowing that you have the acquired the knowledge and skills. Do not let the stress and demands of work get in the way of pursuing what you want in life. After all, the lessons you gain from college are valuable tools that you can easily apply in your field of interest.

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